May 1-10, 2019

Power of Meditation Summit

Have you ever struggled with not being able to actually experience life in the moment? You’re not alone! Join Sally for the Power of Meditation Summit, a beautiful exploration of wisdom and dharma teachings with some of the world’s most brilliant and renowned healers, neuroscientists, yogis, and meditation teachers. Learn how meditation can empower you, help you tap into your creative energies, and source happiness from within. Join in here.

May 11-12, 2019

Abhaya Yoga Gowanus
43D 9th Street
Brooklyn NY, 11230

The Wisdom Goddess Empowerment: Awakening Your Own Power, Love, and Creativity through Sacred Feminine Archetypes

How well do you know your own sacred feminine energies? How easy is it for you to find the Goddess in your own body? Can you feel mothered by the universe? Are you able to draw on the deep reserve of strength and wisdom that Goddess holds out to you at every moment? Can you feel the shiver of her ecstasy, the shimmer of her light, her radical power to hold you steady in disappointment and teach you even through suffering?

Though there are many ways to connect to the feminine, one of the most powerful is through the sacred forms of the ancient Goddesses of the ancient world. In this class, we’ll explore the powers of the tantric goddesses called Mahavidyas, emanations of Kali who hold the space for life on this planet. These goddesses can be approached as helpers, as personal archetypes, and above all as doorways into finding sacred presence in the ordinary world. We’ll explore the the karma-busting grace of Tara, the compassionate spaciousness of Bhuvaneshwari, the radical creativity of the little known wisdom goddess Matangi, Lalita’s playful and transformative integration of the sacred and the sexual, the intensity of Kali and Chinnamasta. We’ll experience Goddess as an inner energy that works through your personality and your emotions, and we’ll invoke Goddess as a protector, muse, lover and as the cosmic source of light and life.

This class offers a powerful transmission of sacred Goddess energies, as well as insights that can change your own sense of who you are.

Topics Include:

  • Why power is sourced from the inner feminine
  • The faces of the Goddess and your own inner truth
  • How to invoke Goddess through ritual, meditation and mantra
  • Flowing with the compassion of the dark Goddesses
  • The Goddess and your creativity

Light lunch will be served on both days, and dinner will be served Saturday evening

Please note this event is for women only

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May 26-June 2, 2019

Assisi, Italy

The Path through Life and Death: Finding Your Authentic Truth on the Spiritual Path

The great yogic sages tell us that the true test of our practice is the moment we face our own death. In the eastern traditions, death is seen as a time of powerful spiritual opportunity. If we are prepared and conscious, the illusions of our life can fall away, and we can liberate ourselves from suffering and open to the highest truth of the Self.

What does it mean to be prepared for dying? How do our karmic patterns affect our life circumstances, and how can we make our practice an antidote to our suffering by unlocking the secrets of transcending karma? Are there methods of moving beyond hte ego that we can learn and practice in meditation?

Above all, what are the most effective practices we can use right now that will not only make our lives better, but also protect us at the time of death?

In this retreat, led by Sally Kempton and Andrea Boni, we’ll look into the deep secrets of karma and the techniques and understanding that helps us move beyond our illusions about ourselves.

Full details and registration here.

August 18-23, 2019

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
57 Interlaken Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262

Meditation for the Love of It

Explore meditation as a practice and as a love affair—a love affair with your truest Self. Through graduated meditation sessions, contemplative practice, inquiry, and inner dialogue, master teacher Sally Kempton unfolds an approach to meditation that can forever change your relationship to your practice.

In this closely guided program, you learn to

Practice meditation as an entrance into stillness
Work with dynamic processes for heart-based meditation, self-inquiry, connecting to specific deity energies, and connecting with others
Free yourself from enslavement to mental and emotional habits
Explore resistance, boredom, feeling stuck, and other obstacles to practice.
Sally also includes yoga, breathwork, and ample opportunities for Q&A. Supported by the subtle energy of a tantric lineage, the practices in this program allow you to move deeply into relationship with many levels of your being.

Recommended reading Sally Kempton, Meditation for the Love of It.

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September 6-8 & 9-10, 2019

TriYoga – Camden
57 Jamestown Road London NW1 7DB
London, UK

Freedom, Ecstasy and Awakening: The Art and Practice of Tantric Meditation
A Weekend Immersion in the Heart of the Spiritual Journey

Tantric practice is the art of finding sacred energy in the midst of ordinary life. It offers a path to direct inner experience that is both mystical and practical—and that can transform your outlook so that you can surf reality even in difficult circumstances.

This paradigm-shifting weekend offers a direct transmission of the heart of these practices. Led by a contemporary meditation master, it is based on a beloved meditation text called the Vijnana Bhairava (Experience of the Infinite). Profound, playful and utterly consciousness expanding, the meditations in this beloved text range from secret tantric breath meditations to contemplations on the power within desire and fear, from meditations on sensory experience to contemplations of your identity with the Absolute. Any one of them will catch your mind by surprise and radically expand awareness. In fact, any one of them can be a portal into enlightened awareness—even for someone new to the journey of meditation.

You’ll be guided through a series of powerful teachings, contemplations and imaginative exercises that can shift your approach to meditation, and ultimately transform your body, your mind and your relationships. The workshop offers transmission from a profound tradition of non-dual wisdom, opening pathways that allow an astonishing depth of practice, even for someone new to the path.

During this weekend you will learn:

  • How to cultivate your connection to Source
  • Explore the geography of the subtle body
  • How specific practices help you navigate life
  • Creative approaches to meditation,
  • Using pleasure and pain as doorways into self-realization
  • The secrets of opening energetic blocks
  • How to meditate with another person during one-on-one dialogue
  • Sensory meditation practice—turning any moment into a meditation
  • Mantra, movement and meditative writing as doorways into your own Shakti

Friday evening (6-8 PM): Outer, Inner, and Secret: Introduction to Tantric Meditation
This highly experiential meditation class offers an overview of the different levels of tantric practice, focusing especially on how we can open our body and senses to higher levels of awareness.

Saturday: (10 AM-5 PM) — Embodying Enlightened Energy: The Tantric Art of Enlightened Awareness
As we explore the secrets of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, we’ll immerse ourselves in practices that build on each other. Each practice opens your subtle and physical body to deeper and deeper recognition of your own sacredness.

Sunday: (10 AM-5 PM) — Embodying Shakti: How to Deepen your Meditation and Awaken Your Life
Plunging deeper into the practice and vision of the tantric sages, we’ll explore mantras, chakras, and practices for transforming your subtle experience through empowered meditation practice and emotional energy work.

Additional Workshops:

Monday: (3:30-5:30 PM) — Awakening Mantra: An Exploration and Empowerment in Sacred Sound
“Incomparable is the power of Mantra”, says a core tantric text. Yet to awaken that power, we need both understanding and transmission. In this class, we’ll explore some of the secrets of mantra practice, and how to bring its gifts into both meditation and open-eyed practice. This workshop unfolds powerful insights of the tantric tradition that can help us kindle the power in mantra, and transform our relationship to language, speech and subtle energy.

Tuesday: (3:30-5:30 PM) — Goddess Saraswati and the Energy of Creativity: Awakening Your Power of Inspiration
In this class, we’ll invoke and meditate with Saraswati, the personified energy of inspiration, music and speech. Through meditation, mantra, guided contemplations, visualizations, and writing, this class allows you to truly open to the possibility of higher inspiration for creativity and problem solving.

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