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Transforming Your Mind: Discovering Inner Freedom through the Powers of Inquiry, Compassion, and Surrender

Wednesdays: February 19, 26, & March 5, 2014
5-6:30 Pacific / 8-9:30 Eastern

In a mind clear as water
Even the waves, breaking,
Are reflecting its light.
–Dogen Zenji

The state of your mind is the state of your world. When you take this truth seriously, you open the doorway to true transformation. That’s just one reason why every tradition, eastern and western, emphasizes techniques for creating an auspicious mind. In this practical workshop, we’ll use the wisdom of a profound non-dual text called the Yoga Vasishtha and the findings of neuro-science to look into some of the basic truths that can change your mental energy. We’ll train ourselves in which practices to use to transform your inner state in difficult moments. We’ll learn how to open ourselves to the guidance that comes from beyond the mind. Using methods of radical inquiry, insights from neuro-science and consciousness psychology, visualization, journaling, mantra, and much more, we’ll examine how your mind traps you, and how the same energy that creates your suffering can become the ground for freedom and love.

Cost: $169

Past course topics include:

  • Open Heart Meditation, Level I
  • Witness Meditation: The Power in Awareness, Level II
  • Art of Tantric Meditation
  • What is My Dharma?
  • Practicing Enlightenment
  • Dancing with the Divine Feminine
  • Falling in Love with Meditation
  • Turning Poison into Nectar: Practicing with the Energies of Your Shadow
  • Kundalini: The Living Flame of your Conscious Evolution

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Student Comments:

“The power of these teleconferences continues to astonish me. Sally’s voice is so magical, pure, profound, and insightful that I can go almost instantly into a deep meditation when I hear the guided meditations. Her teleclasses share so much wisdom and knowledge.” –– JC, Palo Alto, California

“Practical, insightful, and above all deeply meditative, Sally’s teleconferences have become indispensable to my practice.” –– LM, Portland, Oregon

“I have been struggling with meditation commitment for years. Sally’s guidance and positive encouragement has shifted this for me in a way that no other teacher was able to guide me through.” –– ES, Austin, Texas

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