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Wednesdays, September 14–October 19, 2016
5–7pm Pacific / 8–10 Eastern

TELECOURSE: Surfing Reality II: Practicing with the Energy of the Universe

A 6-week of Study on the Spanda Karikas (Stanzas of Vibration)

Surfing Reality is our most life-changing program, designed to show you how to open you to the flow of Shakti (divine energy) within your body, your mind, and the life around you.

Our first Surfing Reality telecourse in the series is still sending ripples through the lives of the people who participated. Now, Part II continues the journey we began in Part I, moving deeper into this powerful tantric path, and unfolding new aspects of its revolutionary teachings about energy, emotion, and the body/mind connection.

Though this class is a deepening of the practice we did in Part I, it is open to those who didn’t take the first classes. We’ll be offering catch-up sessions (included when you sign up), where you’ll be introduced to all the principles and processes that you’ll need in order to be up to speed for Part II.

What does it Mean to Surf Reality?
To “surf reality” is to live in a state of flow, no matter how things appear on the surface. The great manual for this approach to living is, the Spanda Karikas, or “Verses on Vibration.” This text, one of the most revolutionary of all the tantric teaching texts, has been known for generations as a secret treasure of awakened wisdom.

“Spanda” (same root as “expand”) is a name for the creative pulsation that manifests change, growth, and liberation. Spanda is the vibratory magic that creates life, that plays through our body and mind, and that is also the force behind our liberation.

When you can tune into the Spanda principle inside your body and mind, you’ve found the true key to living a creatively awakened life. Not just in meditation, but even in the midst of crisis, emotional upheaval, physical pain, and the ordinary chaos of life.

During the class, we’ll unfold both the theory and practice of this profound tantric tradition. We’ll look at the verses themselves, with their life-transforming teachings on the feminine principle as sacred energy. More than that, we’ll actually learn how to apply these teachings day by day, in and out of meditation, on and off the mat.

We’ll explore more of the fine points of tantric psychology, including the practices for opening the inner body, tuning even more deeply into the energy in language, and exploring what it means to make love with the universe.

Surfing Reality II is offered in response to many requests from students who’ve tuned into these classes, and know what a powerful boost they can give your practice, your journey of awakening, and your relationship with the hidden forces of life.

Every class includes a two-hour discussion/meditation, which can be downloaded as an MP3 file. So, even if you can’t be there live, you can listen and practice at your convenience. There will be on-going “homework” and audio meditation downloads for deepening your experience. There will be an opportunity for partner practice if you would like it. And you will also have the opportunity to be part of the community list-serve, which for many people is a highlight of the course, since it is filled with the wisdom of so many deep practitioners.

Not Your Average Study Group!
Surfing Reality is much more than an intellectual exploration. It offers an experiential immersion in one of the most radical of all paths to enlightenment. A powerful transmission comes through the lectures, through the reading, through the meditations and open-eyed practice. The course is set up to give you all the tools you need for taking this life-changing wisdom into your day-to-day life.

During the last classes, many people shared major moments of awakening. Many spoke of how their meditation deepened, and their relationship with their life opened at new levels. Many of talked about the support they experienced from the community, about the power of the teachings, and about the new insights that tumbled forth from so many voices.

That’s why, at the end of the spring class, so many people asked to continue with the series. In Surfing Reality II we’ll enter even more deeply into the mystery of the universal vibration, the Spanda Shakti. The path of Spanda is the core of tantric practice, as well as the core path of the sacred feminine. Once you’ve discovered the presence of this inner power, you not only have the key to understanding the links between body, soul and spirit, you also have access to the path through Reality itself.

You’ll learn:

  • How to understand and recalibrate the energy frequencies in yourself, in others and in nature
  • What is true sacred feminine practice
  • The secrets of embodied transcendence
  • Why love and energy are the same
  • Uncovering the powers in words—all words!
  • Mantra at the different levels of consciousness
  • What does it mean to be guided by shakti
  • True intuition
  • How emotions can be doorways into the Truth
  • What is true surrender
  • and much more!

The practices, discussions, and exercises in this class are all designed to open doorways into the subtle energy that dances at the heart of our bodies, our minds, and the world.

Cost: $259

Past course topics include:

  • Open Heart Meditation, Level I
  • Witness Meditation: The Power in Awareness, Level II
  • Art of Tantric Meditation
  • What is My Dharma?
  • Practicing Enlightenment
  • Dancing with the Divine Feminine
  • Falling in Love with Meditation
  • Turning Poison into Nectar: Practicing with the Energies of Your Shadow
  • Kundalini: The Living Flame of your Conscious Evolution
  • Freedom, Ecstasy and Awakening: A Deep Dive into Tantric Meditation
  • Surfing Reality I: The Transformative Journey and the Yoga of Divine Energy

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Student Comments:

“The power of these teleconferences continues to astonish me. Sally’s voice is so magical, pure, profound, and insightful that I can go almost instantly into a deep meditation when I hear the guided meditations. Her teleclasses share so much wisdom and knowledge.” –– JC, Palo Alto, California

“Practical, insightful, and above all deeply meditative, Sally’s teleconferences have become indispensable to my practice.” –– LM, Portland, Oregon

“I have been struggling with meditation commitment for years. Sally’s guidance and positive encouragement has shifted this for me in a way that no other teacher was able to guide me through.” –– ES, Austin, Texas

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