Invitation to Join Sally in a Circle of Light

I want to invite you to join me and thousands of others in a weekly meditation practice called Circle of Light. For four weeks on Tuesday, between October 13th and November 3rd, we will practice subtle activism through meditation. Our intention is to activate the energy of love and wisdom in ourselves and the subtle fields around us. And to make a real difference in the atmosphere around us.

As you know, we are going through a time of deep confusion and polarization. Stress, fear, and uncertainty affect many of us and run through our societies. As travelers on the spiritual path, we have a super-power that we can bring to bear at this crucial moment. Many of you are actively working for change in the world. Along with that, you are in a unique position to practice subtle activism. Using our skills as meditators, as givers of blessing, and as souls who wish the best for each other, our societies, and our world, we have the skills, practicing together, to inject light and positive energy into the atmosphere. Many studies have shown that prayer works, especially affirmative prayer and active imagination, practiced in a meditative state.

Our purpose of Circle of Light is to practice generating light for the sake of humanity and our world. We’ll be joined by the members of many vibrant spiritual communities, many skilled practitioners and teachers, and, hopefully, by you, your friends, and family members.

You can register to be part of this free weekly event below. When you register, you will receive a (free) audio guided meditation, as well as a written version, that you can practice with or use as a template for your practice.

You are also very much invited to practice your own meditations, either instead of or in addition to the ones we do together. And I invite you to create your own circle if you are moved to do so.




Together, we will help create a force of light that can circle the globe. We want to meet the challenges of this time without fear, and ultimately this demands that we meet it with love. It is not passive love, but an active love, a love that lets us tap into the power of Spirit and change the subtle energies of our atmosphere.  We can each enact this intention in our own way. The core practice, which we’ll be doing in the meditation, is to turn into the heart, place our intentions there, and use the power of imagination to begin the process of healing that can potentially touch every corner of our societies.

Every one of you has cultivated a relationship with Spirit, whether through meditation or through the way you live your life. This is our chance to bring these skills and subtle connections together to make a difference in this moment’s energy.