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Posters of Goddesses by Ekabhumi Charles Ellik

Sally is very pleased to provide the opportunity for you to enjoy the illustrations of Charles Ellik who did the artwork for Awakening Shakti. Each goddess drawing is printed in black and white on 11” x 17” matte cardstock. Creative individuals may take advantage of the extra-thick paper to add color and ornament, if desired. Colored pencils are recommended.

Each poster is $20 + shipping/handling.

Click on image for larger view.

Parvati/Shiva as Half-Man/Half-Woman (a.k.a. Ardhanārī)

complete union of opposites
Parvati Shiva As Half Man Half Woman PRINT LOW RES

Bhuvaneshvarī with the Cosmos in Her Body

universal earth goddess of love
Bhuvaneshvari With The Cosmos PRINT LOW RES

The Goddess Durgā

demon destroyer of impregnable power
The Goddess Durga PRINT LOW RES

Dancing Kālī

total freedom and fearlessness
image coming

Dancing Kali PRINT LOW RES

The Goddess Lakshmī

pure delightful fecundity
The Goddess Lakshmi PRINT LOW RES

Lalitā Sitting on a Bed Supported by Four Male Gods

erotic play of manifestation
Lalita Sitting PRINT LOW RES

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