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These are past telecourses that Sally has conducted. They include the MP3 audios (approx. 90 minutes in length), homework, and any other additional material that was provided during the course. These do not include the Q&A available during the live classes.

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The Path of Life and Death: Karma, Meditation and the After-Death Journey

The true test of our practice is the moment we face our own death. In the eastern traditions, death is seen as a time of powerful spiritual opportunity. If we are prepared and conscious, the illusions of our life can fall away, and we can liberate ourselves from suffering and open to the highest truth of the Self.

In this six-week telecourse, we’ll work deeply with the yogic teachings and practices on karma and dying. What does it mean to be prepared for dying? How do our karmic patterns affect our life circumstances, and how can we make our practice an antidote to our suffering by unlocking the secrets of transcending karma? Are there methods of moving beyond the ego that we can learn and practice in meditation?

Above all, what are the most effective practices we can use right now that will not only make our lives better, but also protect us at the time of death?

In this telecourse, we’ll look into the deep secrets of karma and the techniques and understanding that help us move beyond our illusions about ourselves. We’ll start by establishing the deepest possible understanding of karma and how it works. We’ll look at the connection between our spiritual practice and our karmic patterns. We’ll discover what the sages of all great yogic traditions teach us about how to move beyond karmic obstructions.

We’ll work with great teachings from the Upanishads, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the experiences of yogis who have experienced the worlds between lifetimes.

Above all, we’ll practice with the great yogic techniques that assist us not only through our lives, but also in the moment of death—and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • How particular karmic patterns affect all the areas of our life,
  • How inner and outer practices can transform these patterns—and which patterns can be transformed and which must be accepted,
  • The secret pathways of the after-death worlds,
  • What the sages teach us about how to leave the body,
  • What it really means to let go,
  • And much more.

Cost: $99

Kissed by the Goddess of Bliss: Lalita Tripurasundari and the Cultivation of Enlightened Desire

This three-week telecourse is an opportunity to dive deeply into the practice of cultivating the energy of Lalita, a form of the liberating Goddess who gives the gifts of life as well as the gifts of enlightenment. Through invocation, mantra, meditation and visualization, as well as a philosophical understanding of teachings behind the Shakta (divine feminine) tradition, we’ll open ourselves to the depths of grace that arise through contemplation of the divine feminine in one of her most exalted forms.

Cost: $79

The Goddess Empowerment: Awakening Your Own Power, Love, and Creativity through the Sacred Feminine Archetypes

How well do you know your own sacred feminine energies? How easy is it for you to find the Goddess in your own body? Can you feel mothered by the universe? Are you able to draw on the deep reserve of strength and wisdom that Goddess holds out to you at every moment? Can you feel the shiver of her ecstasy, the shimmer of her light, her radical power to hold you steady in disappointment and teach you even through suffering?

Though there are many ways to connect to the feminine, one of the most powerful is through the sacred forms of the ancient Goddesses of the ancient world. In this class, we’ll explore the strength of Durga, the radical healing power of Isis, the divine creative spaciousness of Bhuvaneshwari, the intensity of Kali and Chinnamasta. We’ll experience Goddess as an inner energy that works through your personality and your emotions, and we’ll invoke Goddess as a protector, muse, lover and as the cosmic source of light and life.

This class offers a powerful transmission of sacred Goddess energies, as well as insights that can change your own sense of who you are.

Topics Include:

  • Why power is sourced from the inner feminine
  • The faces of the Goddess and your own inner truth
  • How to invoke Goddess through ritual, meditation, and mantra
  • Flowing with the compassion of the dark Goddesses
  • The Goddess and your creativity

Cost: $99

Your Heart is the Divine Heart: Exploring the Tantric Teachings on Self-Recognition

“Stay where you are without worrying
For the goal is assured!
And who but the Self could teach this?
And to whom?”
—9th Century Shaivite Sage

Those are the words of a Shaivite sage from the 9th century. They point to a radically hopeful vision of human possibility. Yes, he is saying, our lives are tough and uncertain. But despite how things look, you ARE divine. You are God undergoing human experience. Even when things seem to be going horribly wrong, you and everyone else are on the freedom train. You’re destined to know the truth of who you are, and to recognize that same divinity in the others in your world.

The sooner you accept this and try to actualize it, the sooner you’ll realize the miraculous beauty of your embodiment!

Sally’s telecourse is based on the incomparable text, the Heart of the Doctrine of Recognition (in Sanskrit, Pratyabhijnahrydayam). This short work—it’s only 20 sutras—describes how Consciousness manifests universes within herself, condensing her vastness to become your human psyche and body, then unfolds and expands back into complete embodied awareness of your own divinity.

Basically, it’s about our journey, yours and mine. I don’t mean our journey as psychological beings. Our journey as embodied divinity.

The text intends for us to recognize our own awareness as Shiva’s Awareness, and our own heart as the abode of cosmic creativity—Shakti.

The sutras hold the empowerment of a lineage of enlightened beings, and they can awaken you. Each one of these sutras carries an entire world of truth, that expands inside you as you hold these words up to your experience. In other words, studying the sutras on Recognition creates an alchemical shift—especially when you combine your study with meditation and practical exercises.

So, the classes include meditation, sutra contemplation, lectures, personal exercises, partner discussion and much more—always using the text to open us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We all know that we’re living through a time of radical upheaval and change. The energy of this time can push us into despair, but it can also open up the highest possibilities of this incarnation. To harness the power that wants to unfold in us, we need to cultivate our understanding of what is real, of who we are and are not, and of who we can be if we are willing to see through the veils. The sutras on Recognition were written to help you do that.

Cost: $99

Part II: Living the Awakened Life: The Bhagavad Gita and the Path of Action

“Yoga is the separation from union with pain.”
—Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita

Why has the Bhagavad Gita been a wisdom-guide for so many people, for so many centuries? Because it really does tell us how to live a spiritual life in the world. In Krishna’s teaching to Arjuna there is a powerful transmission that meets you where we are and takes you to the next stage. That’s why we can study it again and again and find that it’s always relevant to our lives at this moment in time. The more you practice its teachings, the more you realize their power and truth, and the more they refine and open you.

Many of you who took Part One of this class shared your deep experience of the transmission that came through the text and the course itself. This second 6-week class takes us deeper, not only completing the teachings on the enlightened action, devotion, dharma, and surrender, but offering granular guidelines for examining the quality of your inner life, your motivations, and your relationship with spirit. Using the powerful commentaries of three enlightened teachers—Abhinavagupta, Aurobindo, and Jnaneshwar—we will examine the often koan-like words of Krishna to Arjuna in depth. We’ll meditate, discuss, contemplate. Above all, we’ll discover how to apply this transformative wisdom to ordinary situations.

Topics include:

  • The real secret of navigating dark times
  • Choosing a skillful action: Krishna’s infallible guide to doing the right thing at the right time.
  • Surrender: the myths and the reality
  • Combining the four great paths to Self-realization
  • What is devotion, why does it matter, and how to awaken it in yourself
  • Using the three Gunas to understand your own actions and the state of your mind
  • The inner guru, guidance, and the discovery of discernment

Those who did not take Part I will be provided with the first lecture of the series to download and listen prior to the first call. In addition, they will need to have read at least through Chapter 9 in the Winthrop Sargeant translation, or in the translation that will be provided in the student area for Part II. If you would like to purchase the full Part I telecourse, please click here.

Cost: $99

Part I: The Awakened Life: The Bhagavad Gita and the Path of Action

“Other philosophies may remove ignorance, but they have no power to bestow Self-realization. The Gita does.”
—From the Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita by Jnaneshwar Maharaj

The Bhagavad Gita is a User’s Manual for living a liberated life. Not only a classic of spiritual literature, it offers the world’s most reliable guidance on the essence of yoga, the paths of knowledge and devotion, and what it really means to follow the yoga of action.

As we follow Krishna’s teaching to his disciple and friend Arjuna, we discover answers to our own questions about dharma and karma, right livelihood, life-work balance, the nature of the Self. The text shows you how to practice non-duality in the midst of the skillful action, what it really means to follow the path of grace, the true yoga of knowledge and devotion, and so much more.

Above all, the Gita is a map of the path to Self-realization. It challenges our assumptions, calls us to our highest self, and shows us how to take refuge in the heart when we’re being tossed on waves of uncertainty.

We can be transformed by these teachings. Yet to fully receive them demands that we be willing to explore ourselves. In this class, you’ll have a chance to look into the heart of your own journey—using as our guide a set of teachings that sparkle with grace, power, and truth.

In our six weeks of teachings, self-study, and contemplation, we’ll explore the key verses on the action. We’ll unpack Krishna’s powerful maps of the different approaches to yoga, and his teachings on the qualities of a true human being. We’ll follow his instructions for meditation on the Self, and look into the 3 Gunas (basic qualities of nature) as they operate in the inner and outer world, and much more.

Above all, we’ll discover the radical possibilities that unfold when we learn how to live and act from the understanding of our fundamental oneness.

Along with the text itself, we’ll explore the non-dual commentaries of some of our greatest sages, including Abhinavagupta, Jnaneshwar Maharaj, and others. The class will include audio meditations, rich opportunities for contemplation and study, and bonus interviews.

Cost: $99

Surfing Reality II: Practicing with the Energy of the Universe

A 6-week of Study on the Spanda Karikas (Stanzas of Vibration)

Surfing Reality is our most life-changing program, designed to show you how to open you to the flow of Shakti (divine energy) within your body, your mind, and the life around you.

Our first Surfing Reality telecourse in the series is still sending ripples through the lives of the people who participated. Now, Part II continues the journey we began in Part I, moving deeper into this powerful tantric path, and unfolding new aspects of its revolutionary teachings about energy, emotion, and the body/mind connection.

What does it Mean to Surf Reality?
To “surf reality” is to live in a state of flow, no matter how things appear on the surface. The great manual for this approach to living is, the Spanda Karikas, or “Verses on Vibration.” This text, one of the most revolutionary of all the tantric teaching texts, has been known for generations as a secret treasure of awakened wisdom.

“Spanda” (same root as “expand”) is a name for the creative pulsation that manifests change, growth, and liberation. Spanda is the vibratory magic that creates life, that plays through our body and mind, and that is also the force behind our liberation.

When you can tune into the Spanda principle inside your body and mind, you’ve found the true key to living a creatively awakened life. Not just in meditation, but even in the midst of crisis, emotional upheaval, physical pain, and the ordinary chaos of life.

During the class, we’ll unfold both the theory and practice of this profound tantric tradition. We’ll look at the verses themselves, with their life-transforming teachings on the feminine principle as sacred energy. More than that, we’ll actually learn how to apply these teachings day by day, in and out of meditation, on and off the mat.

We’ll explore more of the fine points of tantric psychology, including the practices for opening the inner body, tuning even more deeply into the energy in language, and exploring what it means to make love with the universe.

You’ll learn:

  • How to understand and recalibrate the energy frequencies in yourself, in others and in nature
  • What is true sacred feminine practice
  • The secrets of embodied transcendence
  • Why love and energy are the same
  • Uncovering the powers in words—all words!
  • Mantra at the different levels of consciousness
  • What does it mean to be guided by shakti
  • True intuition
  • How emotions can be doorways into the Truth
  • What is true surrender
  • and much more!

The practices, discussions, and exercises in this class are all designed to open doorways into the subtle energy that dances at the heart of our bodies, our minds, and the world.

Each class can be downloaded as a mp3 file. You will find downloadable meditation instructions, “assignments” for daily practice and contemplation, detailed explanations of the subtle teachings and how they apply and explanatory material, as well as copies of the verses themselves.

Cost: $99

Surfing Reality I: The Transformative Journey and the Yoga of Divine Energy

Telecourse was held Wednesdays, May 4 through June 8, 2016.

Certain teachings are innately transformative. However, it isn’t enough just to read them. To be changed and awakened through a wisdom teaching, you need the guidance of a teacher who knows them well, and who can show you how to take the teaching into your life through contemplation and guided activity. That’s when these teachings and practices not only shift your awareness—but transform the energy of your brain and body.

The energy teachings of the Spanda Karikas are like a living depth-charge of awakening energy. When you take them in, they change not only the way you live your life, but also the way life lives you.

The Spanda Karikas, (Verses on Vibration) is the basis for Sally’s new 6-week class.

The Spanda Karikas is a blueprint for living with the highest wisdom. Its pithy verses offer us both a vision and a practice for recognizing how the reality works, then moving with skill and grace through the challenges of our lives. As Sally shows us how to apply these teachings to our lives, you learn to recognize how energy moves in your inner and outer life, and how transforming the energy in your body-mind can help you find the sacred in every moment and encounter of your life.

You discover the natural doorways into the infinite within your own body, mind, and feelings, and how to find the sacred in every moment and encounter of our lives.

During this 6-week teleclass, Sally unfolded the key teachings from the Spanda Karikas, along with powerful practices and contemplative exercises designed to transform your consciousness from the ground up. Working with the body, the mind, and the heart, we’ll establish deeply personal pathways into the power of divine creativity. The course included meditations and contemplation practices that you can take into the situations of your life, and that will shift your awareness of everything you do.

You’ll learn:

  • How to discover and work with the subtle energies in your own body
  • The key understanding that helps us surf reality even in hard times
  • Discovering the pulsation of power that creates thoughts and feelings
  • How to find the still point at the heart of movement
  • Transforming emotions through the energy of emotions

Each class can be downloaded as a mp3 file. You will find downloadable meditation instructions, “assignments” for daily practice and contemplation, detailed explanations of the subtle teachings and how they apply and explanatory material, as well as copies of the verses themselves.

Several hundred students took Sally’s first Spanda Karikas series in 2008. Overwhelmingly, they shared that the process that began for them then has continued to support and transform their lives. They tell us that every time they tune back into these teachings, they create new and deeper shifts within.

This wisdom can change everything about your life—and draw you deeper and deeper into the experience of truth and love.

Cost: $99

Kundalini, The Inner Goddess & The Transformation of Your Consciousness

Telecourse was held Wednesdays, January 20 through March 2, 2016

Kundalini Shakti is the subtle evolutionary intelligence at the heart of life. She is also the most intimate aspect of the Great Goddess, the divine feminine power within the world and within ourselves. The path of the Divine Feminine is, ultimately, the path of awakened kundalini.

This inspiring and practical class is based on the wisdom of the tantric sages and on Sally’s years of experience, study and practice with Kundalini. It offers powerful and reliable guidance about your own relationship to spiritual energy and casts light on how mystical experience is hardwired into your body. In this class, we’ll learn how to deepen our awareness of the subtle body, how to let ourselves be supported and held by the inner goddesses, and how to allow them to unfold our potential as divinely human beings.

Many of us know that Kundalini is important in spiritual life, but few of us understand the extraordinary role she plays. The tantric sages called Kundalini the inner Goddess because when she unfolds in a human being, we discover our own concealed divinity. For that reason, to awaken Kundalini has long been known as the secret of spiritual growth and evolution. Yet Kundalini is deeply misunderstood, and for that reason, many of us are not able to experience fully the unfolding of our own spiritual potential.

The true secret of practicing with Kundalini is to recognize and partner with her as the Goddess—the feminine power who creates and sustains life. When we understand what Kundalini actually is, and how she unfolds within us, we begin to experience how our inner journey is actually being powered by the will of the divine. An extraordinary intelligence and love are orchestrating our personal evolutionary path. This is not an impersonal force, but a perfectly calibrated inner guide, with whom we can partner with as our journey evolves.

Sessions include:

  1. Kundalini and the Evolution of Consciousness
  2. The Divine Invitation: Kundalini Awakening and You
  3. Mapping the Inner Domain: Kundalini, and the Power-deities of Your Chakras
  4. Kundalini, daily life, and the Unfoldment of Inner Guidance
  5. Kundalini, relationships, and the Opening of the Heart
  6. Kundalini, the Ajna Chakra, and the Awakened Mind
  7. Goddess Enlightenment: The Union of Shiva and Shakti as Awareness and Bliss

The material in this course is adapted from Sally’s 2014 Wisdom Goddess Empowerment Level II. It will have new meditations and delve deeper.

Cost: $99

Transforming Your Mind: Discovering Inner Freedom through the Powers of Inquiry, Compassion, and Surrender

Teleseries was held Wednesdays, February 19, 26 & March 5, 2014

The state of your mind is the state of your world. When you take this truth seriously, you open the doorway to true transformation. That’s just one reason why every tradition, eastern and western, emphasizes techniques for creating an auspicious mind. In this practical workshop, we’ll use the wisdom of a profound non-dual text called the Yoga Vasishtha and the findings of neuroscience to look into some of the basic truths that can change your mental energy. We’ll train ourselves in which practices to use to transform your inner state in difficult moments. We’ll learn how to open ourselves to the guidance that comes from beyond the mind. Using methods of radical inquiry, insights from neuroscience and consciousness psychology, visualization, journaling, mantra, and much more, we’ll examine how your mind traps you, and how the same energy that creates your suffering can become the ground for freedom and love.

Cost: $89

Freedom, Ecstasy, and Awakening — Part II: Meditating with the Vijnana Bhairava

Teleseries was held Wednesdays, January 8, 15, and 22, 2014

The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is a text of fierce wisdom—the kind of wisdom and practice that can forever change your experience of your reality. In these verses, the primal Guru, Bhairava, imparts 112 methods for opening your awareness to the sacred Presence at the heart of the experience. The text is literally a series of doorways to the infinite. It includes skillful methods that fit every stage of your evolution, every mood, and every stage of consciousness. But to fully ‘get’ them, we need the initiatory energy transmitted through a lineage, as well as the instruction of a teacher.

In the second series of this ground-breaking telecourse, we’ll continue our journey through the practices and wisdom of the Vijnana Bhairava. We’ll learn new practices, including some of the “hidden” meditations. We’ll continue discovering new secrets in the text.

Cost: $89

Playing Your Edge: The Path of Emotional Transformation

Teleseries was held Wednesdays, November 6, 20, & 27, 2013

In this telecourse, we’ll practice with a series of insights and methods for finding the energetic roots of emotional issues, fears and upheavals, and transforming them.

Based on core principles of yoga and tantra, the workshop will show you how to transcend and include old and new wounds. In it, you’ll discover how some of these deep obstructive energies can be released to offer their power for your transformation and growth.

The telecourse offers not only skills but paradigms that let you take these skills into many situations.

You’ll learn:

  • how to access the field of transformation in your psyche
  • how to work with emotions in the physical and subtle bodies
  • the subtle language that creates an easeful emotional release
  • discovering sacred energies that help your personal transformation

Cost: $89

Freedom, Ecstasy, and Awakening — Part I: Meditating with the Vijnana Bhairava

Teleseries was held  Wednesdays, October 9, 16, & 23, 2013

For centuries, tantric masters of both Hindu and Buddhist traditions have considered the Vijnana Bhairava to be the world’s most skillful guidebook for evolving consciousness through meditation. It’s been called a “manual for Self-Realization”, “the yoga of delight, wonder and astonishment”, and, most recently, the “Radiance Sutras.” Profound, playful and utterly consciousness-expanding, this beloved text offers 112 practices for fusing the inner and outer worlds. They range from secret tantric breath meditations to contemplations on the power within desire and fear, from meditations on the body to contemplations of your identity with the Absolute. Any one of them will catch your mind by surprise and radically expand awareness. In fact, any one of them can be a portal into enlightened awareness.

So, join us for an extraordinary trip through your own portals into the infinite.
In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to instantly contact your divine source
  • How to navigate different levels of consciousness through specific practice
  • How every moment of your life can be a doorway into peace and freedom and, yes, spontaneous love
  • Creative approaches to meditation
  • Using pleasure and pain as doorways into self-realization
  • Meditating in the physical and subtle body, and much more

Cost: $89

Mantra: The Transformative Power of Language

Teleseries was held Wednesdays, July 17, 24, & 31, 2013

Mantra is one of the great power tools for transforming consciousness. When you receive a mantra from a teacher and practice with it over time, you find out how profoundly these sacred sound can shift the energy of your mind, your emotional body, and even your physical body. Mantras have been a part of every mystical tradition—and they remain an indispensable gift to contemporary practice.

We’ll explore mantra as a practice, as a science, and as a transformative power. We’ll practice both with Sanskrit mantras and with other kinds of transformative sound, and explore just how language changes consciousness. You’ll receive a mantra transmission and instruction in the subtleties of using it.

You’ll learn:

  • how to practice with mantras
  • the science within sound and vibration
  • sound as Shakti
  • the relationship between mantra and kundalini

This class will deepen your relationship not only to sacred sound but to your own consciousness.

Cost: $89

Dancing with the Divine Masculine

Teleseries was held Wednesdays, April 3, 10, and 17, 2013

In this class, the two great yogic models of the divine masculine, Shiva and Krishna, are explored. Through imagery, meditation, story, and skillful self-inquiry discover their archetypal qualities as sacred heroes, lovers, ascetics, and above all, as models of true freedom.

Shiva is the ultimate outsider-deity, both a self-controlled yogi and an erotic lover. Krishna — statesman, strategist, and polyamorous lover of a thousand women — models the skill of living an enlightened life in the world. Both Shiva and Krishna offer profound teachings about yoga and life. Each of them connects us to a different quality of sacred masculine presence.

Price: $89.00

Energies of Transformation

Teleseries was held Wednesdays, February 6, 13, & 20, 2013

Explore some of the radically transformative aspects of the divine feminine, and work with images and stories of some of the Hindu goddesses to unlock hidden aspects of our own feminine nature. Among the goddesses we’ll explore are Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Sita, Tara, and PrajnaParamita.

The divine feminine is the source of energy and power, both in the universe and in the human psyche. She can be wild as well as nurturing, destructive as well as ultimately creative. As we learn to recognize and invoke her powers, we free ourselves to discover aspects of ourselves that are the source of our richest gifts. And we discover a profound source of the grace that can transform our psyche, our relationships, and our life.

You’ll learn:

  • How the archetypes of the sweet and terrible feminine can come together to help you integrate your own psyche
  • How to discover which goddess archetype to call on in different circumstances
  • What it means (and what it takes!) to live in communion with the divine feminine
  • Invoking, contemplating and inhabiting goddess energies in meditation and problem-solving.

Price: $89.00

Love, Spirit, and You: A Radical Approach to Your Relationship with Spirit

Teleseries held Wednesdays, January 9, 16, & 23, 2013

Investigate what it means to unfold and maintain an on-going relationship with Spirit as the Beloved. Drawing on the insights and practices of the devotional traditions, as well as key developmental maps, explore how our relational styles show up in our encounters with Spirit, and how we can break through habitual patterns.

Look into the conflicts and shadow issues that show up in this most intimate of relationships, practice dialoguing with. Play with deity practice as a portal into Spirit, and discover what it actually means to see the divine in another. This is a class that can literally change your understanding about your relationship with yourself and with Spirit itself.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The art of devotional meditation
  • How cultural patterns and psychological issues affect our relationship with Spirit—and how to get beyond them
  • Dialoguing with spirit
  • Myths and realities about devotional love
  • What is spiritual love at different levels of consciousness?

Price: $89.00

Turning Poison into Nectar: Practicing with the Energies of Your Shadow

Telecourse was held Tuesdays, October 9, 16, & 23, 2012

In this class, we’ll look at the qualities in ourselves that cause our unconscious suffering, and also at the “golden shadow”—the gifts we hide from ourselves. Using both tantric practices and western inquiries and polarity work, we’ll learn how to recognize and own both our negative and our positive shadow.

In this course, we learn:

  • how to see our shadow tendencies
  • how to recognize when we are projecting our own shadow onto others and move into the source of negative emotion, find the core energy within it, and use that energy for transformation and opening
  • how to find the Golden Shadow, and use your shadow qualities to tap into your unlived gifts

Price: $89.00

Falling in Love with Meditation

Teleclasses were held Wednesdays, August 29, September 5, & September 12

In this closely guided course, we’ll explore meditation as a practice and as a love affair—a love affair with your inner divine Self. Through graduated meditation sessions, contemplative practice, inquiry, pranayama, visualization, and inner dialogue, master teacher Sally Kempton unfolds an approach to meditation that can forever change your relationship to your practice.

You’ll learn:

  • Entering stillness through thoughts
  • Inner body practices
  • Principles that create love in and for your practice
  • Meditations that help free you from emotional habits.

Supported by the subtle energy of a tantric lineage, the course will allow you to move deeply into relationship with your own practice.

Price: $89.00

Practicing Enlightenment

Telecourse held Wednesdays, June 13, 20, & 27, 2012

To live as your most awake self-demands presence, commitment, and practical skills for stepping beyond your habitual responses. This class explores teachings and practices for waking up, moment by moment, based on the wisdom of the tantric masters of Kashmir Shaivism. We’ll look at the different types of enlightened experience, and work with self-inquiry, meditation, contemplation and for those who want it, partner work to help you shift your energy from stuck states to awake states, tune into your awakened Self, and find your own best doorways to enlightened presence.

Price: $89.00

What is My Dharma?

Telecourse was held Wednesdays, November 2, 9, & 16, 2011

“A person who follows his own dharma, attains perfection…Better your own dharma, performed badly, than the dharma of another well discharged…”–Bhagavad-Gita

To follow your dharma means to live the life that is uniquely suited to who you authentically are–and to live it with ethics and skill. When we know and follow our dharma, we are living in full alignment with our highest potential. Everyone’s dharma is unique, but certain universal principles apply even to the most individual life path.

In this teleseries, we’ll use key verses in the Bhagavad-Gita and the Mahabharata to explore the subtleties of personal and collective dharma. We’ll work with contemplations and inquiries to look at how you can make decisions on personal dharma and to understand more deeply what right action is for you, in any given situation. We’ll also explore what it takes to navigate a genuine life dilemma, through the essential principles of right action.

It will be a powerful and illuminating experience for all of us, as we look at what it means to chart a life path.

Price: $89.00

Art of Tantric Meditation

Telecourse was held October 5, 12, & 19, 2011

Our physical and subtle bodies are hard-wired to give us the experience of spiritual awakening. The tantric approach to meditation specializes in brilliant and powerful ways for entering the inner body, working with the mind, and expanding the breath so that the body reveals its natural doorways into the spirit.

This class unfolds practices from the Vijnana Bhairava, the core meditation manual of the Kashmiri Shaivite tradition, along with Sally’s uniquely subtle and practical wisdom about deepening meditation practice. Each class will explore a different way of turning the ordinary into the subtle, and is guaranteed to deepen and enliven your meditation practice.

You’ll learn:

  • How to open the central channel of the body through visualization and breath
  • Powerful practices for transforming physical discomfort into energy and turning thoughts into light
  • Meditations on space and resting in pure awareness
  • The core attitudes that transform meditation practice
  • Open-eyed meditation for daily life

Price: $89.00

Witness Meditation: The Power in Awareness

Telecourse was held April 13, 20, & 27, 2011.

The great secret of inner freedom is to tune yourself to the witnessing awareness—the knower of your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations.

This three-part teleconference course, open to those who have taken Sally’s Level One teleconference meditation, is designed to help you get established firmly in your own witness awareness.

Each of the three 90 minute classes introduces a different practice while offering insight and guidance into the meditation process as a whole. The course includes homework assignments and audio meditations for ongoing practice.

Price: $69.00

Open-Heart Meditation

Telecourse was held March 16, 23, & 30, 2011

Three weeks of meditation theory and practice, designed to help you set up an ongoing personal practice, or deepen your experience of your current practice. Includes the three audios of the 90-minute telephone classes plus homework.

Week I offers core practices for sitting, opening the inner body, including mantra, and heart-centering practice. Week II shows you how to work with thoughts through the inner witness, while Week III gives exploratory practices for opening to the experience of Awareness itself.

Price: $69.00

Karma & Transformation: Turning Your Karma into Destiny

Teleseries was held Wednesdays, February 16, 23, & March 2, 2011

Karma is the most powerful force in our lives. Our pleasure and pain, our character, the way our mind works, and even our ability to practice yoga are said to be the results of karma. Yet, karma is never fixed. Our karmas are fluid, and the more we understand how to work with the force of karma, the more we are able to turn difficult situations into blessings.

This telecourse brings to life the yogic teachings on karma, exploding myths, and showing you how to chart the workings of karma in your life and the lives of others. It will help you see the distinction between the karma you’re born with and the karma you create. We’ll explore practices for transforming karmic difficulties, the nature of karmic agreements, and how yoga and meditation interact with karma. This workshop is designed to give you powerful insight into your life’s journey, along with meditations, self-inquiry practices, and other tools for transformation.

Price: $89.00

Meditation and the Three Faces of Spirit

Teleseries was held: Wednesdays evenings, January 12, 19, and 26, 2011

Explore meditation as a way of living in full contact with each of the “faces” of Spirit—the Presence that is the source and the essence of our lives. We can approach Spirit through three different perspectives, or “faces.” One face of spirit is the innermost essence of your Self—your pure I-awareness. The second face of Spirit is the divine Friend, the Beloved, the Guru or Guide. The third face is the living Presence that manifests through the objective world, as nature and its natural elements. Different meditative and spiritual traditions have emphasized one or another face of Spirit, but in our time, we are increasingly called to understand, honor, and integrate all three. In this teleclass, Sally will guide you through a series of processes that will help you recognize and enter into each face of Spirit. You’ll discover aspects of practice that you may not have explored, and understand what each approach to Spirit has the potential to expand your heart, empower your actions, and propel you not only into a deeper relationship with your inner Being but also with the Beingness that can be found in every atom of the world.

Price: $89.00

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