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This telecourse runs Thursdays, October 7-November4 5-7pm Pacific/8-10pm Eastern with Q&A Sessions on October 16 & November 6, 11:30am-1pm Pacific/2:30-4pm Eastern

Shakti—the cosmic power at the heart of life—is also the secret source of your personal power. This is why the sages of the Shiva-Shakti traditions put so much emphasis on cultivating sacred energy. Whether your goal is well-being, success in love or work, or ultimate liberation, you need the grace of your own Shakti, which is also the power behind life itself.

This three-part series sponsored by TriYoga UK on the sacred feminine dives into the Mahavidyas, a group of powerful goddess energies within the Tantric tradition. These mysterious energies are deeply entwined with the human experience of spiritual transformation. They awaken us, guide the journey itself. The workshops will consist of lecture, meditation, contemplation, and dialogue. The workshops are open to everyone and will be of particular interest to those who are interested in the sacred feminine, and in working with mythology for personal transformation. Each class can be taken as part of the series or individually.

Equinox is a time of balance in the cosmic cycles. It’s also an ideal time to cultivate your own higher wisdom. When day and night are balanced, our minds and hearts can come into equilibrium, and we can ask for and receive divine revelation.

In this free two hour workshop and practice, we’ll discover how the heart can stay open even in times of difficulty. We’ll meditate in the heart, and practice a powerful series of techniques for hearing the inner voice of the higher self—asking questions, receiving answers, and learning the difference between true revelation and the voices of your conditioned mind.

Join us to discover how inner balance, and the cultivation of the heart, can attune you to a level of knowing that can guide you always.

Sally Kempton's interview with Glo at her home
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During this 30 minute interview Sally invites us into her home and shares with us some of her fascinating life story as well as intimate insights into her deeply devotional spiritual path.

Practicing Enlightenment

For me, it was fairly radical to realize that I could actually practice enlightenment. Like most people, when I first encountered the idea it seemed impossibly far away and unrealistic. Two things changed my viewpoint. 

Sally shares with Philip Goldberg yogic wisdom for building resilience, finding meaning in upsets, developing the inner witness, and integrating the energy centers of the mind, heart, and belly.

Sally and Cora Geroux talk about the importance of prayer in a spiritual practice, the evolutionary nature of personal sadhana, finding a teacher, and the “realness” of the gods and goddesses.