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2023: January 19 • January 26 • February 2

Join Sally for her first virtual offering of 2023!

The state of your mind is the state of your world. When you take this truth seriously, you open the doorway to true transformation. That’s just one reason why every non-dual tradition, eastern and western, emphasizes techniques for creating an expanded mind. In this practical workshop, we’ll start with a radical premise from the Yoga Vasistha and the Shiva Sutras, that your own mind is a fractal of the cosmic mind.  The absolute creativity of the cosmic mind is constantly operating through you. When you begin to recognize the ultimate creativity of your own mind, then you can use its powers to transform your own suffering, manifest enlightened states, and simply have a more creative and satisfying experience in your life.


Sally Kempton's interview with Glo at her home
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During this 30 minute interview Sally invites us into her home and shares with us some of her fascinating life story as well as intimate insights into her deeply devotional spiritual path.

Power Source
Not every yoga teacher talks about Shakti, at least not by name. But if you read yogic texts like the ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika ‘ ( ‘Light on Hatha Yoga ‘), you’ll find verses that point to the significance of this powerful interior force. Some texts say that without Shakti, no form of liberation is possible. In other words, yoga’s capacity to expand your awareness, to strengthen your will, and to attune you to extraordinary levels of intuitive knowledge are all due to Shakti.

Sally shares with Philip Goldberg yogic wisdom for building resilience, finding meaning in upsets, developing the inner witness, and integrating the energy centers of the mind, heart, and belly.

Sally and Cora Geroux talk about the importance of prayer in a spiritual practice, the evolutionary nature of personal sadhana, finding a teacher, and the “realness” of the gods and goddesses.