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A Virtual Weekend Workshop: Join Ashaya Yoga Founder Todd Norian for this rare collaboration with Sally, as they investigate what it means to unfold and maintain an ongoing relationship with spirit as the Beloved. They will share insights and signature practices for invoking your own experience of inner and outer intimacy. Together, they’ll create a space of safety and challenge that will allow you to deepen your own relationship to spirit as the Beloved—both inside and with others

This three-part series sponsored by TriYoga UK on the sacred feminine dives into the Mahavidyas, a group of powerful goddess energies within the Tantric tradition. These mysterious energies are deeply entwined with the human experience of spiritual transformation. They awaken us, guide the journey itself. The workshops will consist of lecture, meditation, contemplation, and dialogue. The workshops are open to everyone and will be of particular interest to those who are interested in the sacred feminine, and in working with mythology for personal transformation. Each class can be taken as part of the series or individually.

Sally Kempton's interview with Glo at her home
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During this 30 minute interview Sally invites us into her home and shares with us some of her fascinating life story as well as intimate insights into her deeply devotional spiritual path.

The December Solstice is a time between worlds. The old year is approaching its end, and we have the chance for a reset as we let go of what is past and give ourselves permission to create our future. As we have for the last few years, we will gather to invoke the creative powers of this time, and consciously dissolve whatever we have been hanging onto from this difficult and dramatic year. Then, supported by the energy of the group, we can imaginatively create our personal template for 2021.

Sally and Amisha discuss embodied intelligence, intuition, and deconditioning.

“Intuition is always there. Even if you turn away from it, it’s always going to be there if you turn to it.” —Sally Kempton

Buddha at the Gas Pump - Sally Kempton
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Join Sally and Rick Archer for this deep, fascinating and enriching dialogue.

Get Carried Away

Why does surrender engender so much resistance, conscious or unconscious? For that matter, why does the spiritual process of surrender get confused with giving up, or getting a free pass on the issue of social responsibility, or with simply letting other people have their way?