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Sally Kempton's interview with Glo at her home
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During this 30 minute interview Sally invites us into her home and shares with us some of her fascinating life story as well as intimate insights into her deeply devotional spiritual path.

Part II: Deep Practice for Radical Times: Exploring the Power of the Inner Yoga

During the extraordinary days of the pandemic lockdown, many of you joined me in Deep Practice for Radical Times, our telecourse on Book I of The Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali. Now, we’ll deepen our study by delving into Book II, called Sadhana Pada (The Book of Practice). Sally leads a deep dive into the famous sutras on the stages of practice, on karma, and on the actual principles for liberating the mind. As you know if you’ve ever studied with Sally, we’ll be unpacking the text in a way that makes it immediately relevant to the demands of our lives, right now.

Buddha at the Gas Pump - Sally Kempton
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Join Sally and Rick Archer for this deep, fascinating and enriching dialogue.


Avidya—ignorance—is a deep habit of consciousness, but its one we can shift with intention, practice, and a lot of help from the universe.