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May 2 • May 9 • May 16

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Karma is the most powerful force in our lives. Our pleasure and pain, our character, the way our mind works, and even our ability to practice yoga are said to be the results of karma. Yet, karma is never fixed. Our karmas are fluid, and the more we understand how to work with the force of karma, the more we are able to turn difficult situations into blessings.

This online course brings to life the yogic teachings on karma, explodes myths, and shows you how to chart the workings of karma in your life and the lives of others. It will help you see the distinction between the karma you’re born with and the karma you create. We’ll explore practices for transforming karmic difficulties, the nature of karmic agreements, and how yoga and meditation interact with karma. This workshop is designed to give you powerful insight into your life’s journey, along with meditations, self-inquiry practices, and other tools for transformation.

May 5–7, 2023

A free online event with the mission to have meaningful and healing conversations about femininity, masculinity, and fluidity. Feminine and masculine energies live in us all, and it’s time to have conversations about how we experience them in ourselves, in our relationships, at work, and out in the world. 

Join Sally and an impressive list of speakers, such as Alanis Morissette, Michael Meade, Shana James, William Keepin & Cynthia Brix, Andrea Gibson, Miranda Macpherson, Warren Farrell, Jed Diamond, Keith Boykin, Pat McCabe, Michaela Boehm, Sally Kempton, Tami Simon, Gay & Kathlyn “Katie” Hendricks, Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt, Sam Garanzini & Alapaki Yee, Alex Iantaffi, Ashlee Marie Preston, K. Marshall Green, and D’Lo.


Sally Kempton's interview with Glo at her home
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During this 30 minute interview Sally invites us into her home and shares with us some of her fascinating life story as well as intimate insights into her deeply devotional spiritual path.

Let’s Be Honest
At some point in your spiritual life, you will come up against the need to engage the yogic practice of truthfulness. And, as in all the great yogic practices, we usually discover that it’s not as easy as it might seem.

There is a crucial aspect of feminine wisdom that has largely been lost in today’s world—a “sacred feminine” which, if reclaimed, could help relieve a tremendous amount of conflict and suffering all across the planet. In this 13-part Goddess Returns series, acclaimed teachers Sally Kempton and Ken Wilber discuss one of the most powerful ways we can reconnect with this divine feminine: by invoking and internalizing the energetic qualities of eleven different Hindu goddesses.

Sally talks to author and spiritual teacher Phil Goldberg on contemporary spiritual practice.