• Awakening Shakti – Access the power of the sacred feminine

    Awakening Shakti New Book by Sally Kempton

    Sally Kempton’s latest book, Awakening Shakti gives you access to powerful tools for tuning in to the transformative power of the sacred feminine.

  • About Sally Kempton


    Sally Kempton brings together traditional spiritual wisdom with contemporary insight to help students experience lasting transformation in their inner and outer lives.

  • Take your meditation to the next level.

    Take your meditation to the next level.

    Meditation for the Love of It offers practical secrets to let you unlock your own capacity for joy in meditation, revealing clear pathways and powerful practices for moving to deeper levels of inner freedom and serenity.

  • Teleclasses & Retreats

    Teleclasses & Retreats

    Sally’s heart-centered classes in meditation and applied spiritual wisdom work with both ancient and cutting-edge practices for living an awakened life.

  • Doorways to the Infinite

    Check out Sally's newest audio learning series Doorways to the Infinite: The Art and Practice of Tantric Meditation

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    Visit YogaGlo and join Sally for meditation classes. Open yourself up to receiving the wisdom that is coming to you from your higher self.

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