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In this Theatre of the Mind podcast Kelly Howell and Sally Kempton discuss how to invoke the transformative power of the Hindu goddesses through meditation, mantra, visualization and active engagement. At the end of this podcast is an introductory guided meditation to embody the energy of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and good fortune.

The Healing Journey with Chris Grosso – Episode 26: Sally Kempton: YouTube Version or Podcast Version
Sally Kempton and Chris Grosso discuss her journey from journalist to becoming one of today’s most celebrated spiritual teachers; her book, Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of Goddess Yoga, and explore what the Divine Feminine is; the origin story of the Hindu Goddess Kali and the evolution of what she’s gone on to represent; the relationship between men and the Divine Feminine as well as the importance of men realizing their full potential of this energy; a powerful guided visualization practice using the Hindu Goddess Lalita; the role Goddesses have played in Sally’s life and how they can help us make significant changes in our own; how we can find resilience during the exceptionally difficult times in our lives and how to bounce back; what true compassion is, using the current political climate and division in our country as an example, and much more. — Meditation and Awakening, Part 1 Right-click (pc)/Option-click (mac) to download — Meditation and Awakening, Part 2 Right-click (pc)/Option-click (mac) to download

Invoking the Goddesses of Yoga Right-click (pc)/Option-Click (mac) to download
In this episode, Tami speaks with Sally about how we can seek guidance and blessing from a goddess, the role of imagination in invoking goddess energy, the light and shadow sides of each goddess, and the relationship between goddess energy and awakening of Kundalini in the human experience.

Sally Kempton and Marc Gafni — Love And The Evolutionary We Space Right-click (pc)/Option-click (mac) to download

Sally Kempton and Terry Patton — The Transformative Cycle Right click (pc)/Option-click (mac) to download

Yoga Beyond the Poses Telesummit: Gurus, Goddesses & Google Right click (pc)/Option-click (mac) to download

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