The Future is Beautiful Podcast with Amisha Ghadiali — Embodied Intelligence, Intuition, and Deconditioning

“Intuition is always there. Even if you turn away from it, it’s always going to be there if you turn to it.” Sally Kempton

In this special episode, spiritual teacher Sally Kempton speaks with The Future is Beautiful’s  visionary host Amisha Ghadiali who this past year brought alive a book Intuition: Access your inner wisdom, Trust your instincts, Find your path. The book shares nine principles, and over 50 practices for cultivating our intuition.

We learn that we all have intuition; an embodied intelligence of individual truths and trusts not guided by systems outside of ourselves. However, the dominant cultures that forge our systems have somehow tricked us into thinking that we do not have this innate quality or wisdom within. The practices described in Amisha’s book gently guide us into ways of recognizing, refining, and cultivating this intelligence as part of our evolution; ways of unleashing this intelligence as a compass leading us into a beautiful future.

Podcast 8: Sally and Amisha talk about Meditation, Authenticity, and the Goddess for Awakening the True Blueprint Within.

Podcast 92: Listen to Sally joining Amisha, Jyoti, & Mac Macartney for Wisdom from Our Elders.

Modern Mystic Podcast

Modern Mystic Podcast — Meditation Evolution & Tantra Revolution: Part 1

In this riveting conversation Kilkenny Tremblay and Sally Kempton discuss: the power of initiations; tapping into the invisible as well as the visible; the awakening of Kundalini Energy (one’s spiritual energy) and why meditate? Is there a difference between Mindfulness and Meditation and also what’s the difference between Religion and Spirituality? So many juicy topics are covered including how meditation opens up one’s intuition.

Modern Mystic Podcast — Meditation Evolution & Tantra Revolution: Part 2

What is Tantra? Why is it such a potent path for opening doorways of awareness and upleveling our lives in this modern-day age? How can we apply its wisdom from working with both our pleasant & more challenging emotions and embrace all moments as doorways to the Divine? Why is Tantra often associated with sex? In this sumptuous conversation between Kilkenny Tremblay and Sally Kempton, they also delve into the practices of working with Indian goddess and god energies to awaken qualities within ourselves and within our lives and relationships that we wish to engender. Also covered are strategies for starting, enlivening and/or continuing a meditation practice. *Bonus: the conversation concludes with a 9-minute tantric meditation that can be done separately as well and can become daily support to your practice.

Invoking the Goddesses of Yoga

Invoking the Goddesses of Yoga

Sally Kempton and Terry Patton

Sally Kempton and Terry Patton — The Transformative Cycle

Gurus, Goddesses and Google

Yoga Beyond the Poses Telesummit: Gurus, Goddesses & Google