Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Part I: The Awakened Life: The Bhagavad Gita and the Path of Action


“Other philosophies may remove ignorance, but they have no power to bestow Self-realization. The Gita does.”

—From the Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita by Jnaneshwar Maharaj

The Bhagavad Gita is a User’s Manual for living a liberated life. Not only a classic of spiritual literature, it offers the world’s most reliable guidance on the essence of yoga, the paths of knowledge and devotion, and what it really means to follow the yoga of action.

As we follow Krishna’s teaching to his disciple and friend Arjuna, we discover answers to our own questions about dharma and karma, right livelihood, life-work balance, the nature of the Self. The text shows you how to practice non-duality in the midst of the skillful action, what it really means to follow the path of grace, the true yoga of knowledge and devotion, and so much more.

Above all, the Gita is a map of the path to Self-realization. It challenges our assumptions, calls us to our highest self, and shows us how to take refuge in the heart when we’re being tossed on waves of uncertainty.

We can be transformed by these teachings. Yet to fully receive them demands that we be willing to explore ourselves. In this class, you’ll have a chance to look into the heart of your own journey—using as our guide a set of teachings that sparkle with grace, power, and truth.

In our six weeks of teachings, self-study, and contemplation, we’ll explore the key verses on the action. We’ll unpack Krishna’s powerful maps of the different approaches to yoga, and his teachings on the qualities of a true human being. We’ll follow his instructions for meditation on the Self, and look into the 3 Gunas (basic qualities of nature) as they operate in the inner and outer world, and much more.

Above all, we’ll discover the radical possibilities that unfold when we learn how to live and act from the understanding of our fundamental oneness.

Along with the text itself, we’ll explore the non-dual commentaries of some of our greatest sages, including Abhinavagupta, Jnaneshwar Maharaj, and others. The class will include audio meditations, rich opportunities for contemplation and study, and bonus interviews.

The course includes six 2-hour lectures in mp3 format, guided meditation, and weekly guidance for personal practice.