Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Mantra: The Transformative Power of Language


Mantra is one of the great power tools for transforming consciousness. When you receive a mantra from a teacher and practice with it over time, you find out how profoundly these sacred sound can shift the energy of your mind, your emotional body, and even your physical body. Mantras have been a part of every mystical tradition—and they remain an indispensable gift to contemporary practice.

We’ll explore mantra as a practice, as a science, and as a transformative power. We’ll practice both with Sanskrit mantras and with other kinds of transformative sound, and explore just how language changes consciousness. You’ll receive a mantra transmission and instruction in the subtleties of using it.

You’ll learn:

  • how to practice with mantras
  • the science within sound and vibration
  • sound as Shakti
  • the relationship between mantra and kundalini

This class will deepen your relationship not only to sacred sound but to your own consciousness.

The course includes three 90-minute lectures in mp3 format, guided meditation, and weekly guidance for personal practice.