Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Meditation and the Three Faces of Spirit


Explore meditation as a way of living in full contact with each of the “faces” of Spirit—the Presence that is the source and the essence of our lives. We can approach Spirit through three different perspectives, or “faces.”

One face of spirit is the innermost essence of your Self—your pure I-awareness. The second face of Spirit is the divine Friend, the Beloved, the Guru or Guide. The third face is the living Presence that manifests through the objective world, as nature and its natural elements. Different meditative and spiritual traditions have emphasized one or another face of Spirit, but in our time, we are increasingly called to understand, honor, and integrate all three.

In this teleclass, Sally will guide you through a series of processes that will help you recognize and enter into each face of Spirit. You’ll discover aspects of practice that you may not have explored, and understand what each approach to Spirit has the potential to expand your heart, empower your actions, and propel you not only into a deeper relationship with your inner Being but also with the Beingness that can be found in every atom of the world.

The course includes three 90-minute lectures in mp3 format, guided meditation, and weekly guidance for personal practice.