Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Turning Poison into Nectar: Practicing with the Energies of Your Shadow


In this class, we’ll look at the qualities in ourselves that cause our unconscious suffering, and also at the “golden shadow”—the gifts we hide from ourselves. Using both tantric practices and western inquiries and polarity work, we’ll learn how to recognize and own both our negative and our positive shadow.

In this course, we learn:

  • how to see our shadow tendencies
  • how to recognize when we are projecting our own shadow onto others and move into the source of negative emotion, find the core energy within it, and use that energy for transformation and opening
  • how to find the Golden Shadow, and use your shadow qualities to tap into your unlived gifts

The course from October 2012 includes three 90-minute lectures in mp3 format, guided meditation, and weekly guidance for personal practice.