Wednesdays, January 9-February 13, 2019, 5-7pm Pacific/8-10pm Eastern

New Telecourse: The Path of Life and Death: Karma, Meditation and the After-Death Journey

The true test of our practice is the moment we face our own death. In the eastern traditions, death is seen as a time of powerful spiritual opportunity. If we are prepared and conscious, the illusions of our life can fall away, and we can liberate ourselves from suffering and open to the highest truth of the Self.

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February 2-3, 2019

California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Awakening Shakti and Shiva

This weekend offers a radical reorientation of our relationship to the sacred archetypes, both feminine and masculine. Bringing together the inner masculine and feminine polarities is essential both for true awakening and for your evolution as a human. This closely guided workshop explores archetypal god and goddess energies of the yogic pantheon and how they appear to us through practice and contemplation.

Saturday, February 2: Awakening Shakti
When we connect with the divine feminine, we come in tune with inner powers of self-actualization, divine love, and liberating wisdom. This day-long exploration brings forth the goddess-energies as they manifest in the natural world, in our personal psychology, and as personified archetypes of wisdom and grace. Sally offers unique insights into both the dark and light sides of our relationship to the divine feminine. Working with meditation, contemplative practices, psychological processes, mantra, myth, and self-inquiry participants look at how the goddess-energies express themselves through our personal and emotional energies in addition to practicing connecting to the divine feminine in her protective and liberating forms.

Sunday, February 3: Awakening Shiva
Discover how the divine masculine can expand and empower hidden aspects of your own inner world. This day long workshop explores facets of the sacred masculine archetypes through key practices, myths, and teachings of the Indian yogic tradition. Understanding deity archetypes such as Krisha, Shiva, and Ganesha can transform your experience of both masculine and feminine consciousness. They embody facets of the sacred masculine that are crucial to our transformation as individuals and as a culture. Each of them is both a divine personality, and a portal into absolute Consciousness. Each of them can give us the direct experience of our own embodied divinity.

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March 1-3, 2019

Esalen Institute
55000 Highway 1
Big Sur, CA 93920

Awakening Shakti: Meditation, Kundalini and the Opening of the Heart

This workshop unfolds an approach to meditation that harnesses the alchemical inner energy called Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini — the evolutionary energy that connects us to our highest potential — is also the secret of dynamic meditation. Using closely guided meditation practices based on the tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, as well as mantra, visualization, and inner journeying, we’ll connect to our own meditative energy, discover how to empower meditation through devotional practice, open the core channels in the body, and explore how to invoke the sacred feminine within the body and mind. Based on Sally’s deep, practical understanding of inner meditation energy, and her 45 years of experience in applied tantric meditation practice, this workshop is designed to help you explore an energetic approach to meditation so that every session can be a transformative inner experience.

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May 11-12, 2019

Abhaya Yoga Gowanus
43D 9th Street
Brooklyn NY, 11230

The Goddess Empowerment

How to Live Your Own Truth, Wisdom and Power Through the Yoga of the Divine Feminine. A Weekend of Wisdom Teachings.

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May 26-June 2, 2019

Assisi, Italy

The Path through Life and Death: Karma and the Journey of Living and Dying

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August 18-23, 2019

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
57 Interlaken Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262

Meditation for the Love of It

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September 6-8, 2019

TriYoga – Camden
57 Jamestown Road London NW1 7DB
London, UK

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