Wednesdays, January 10 – February 21, 2018
5:00-7pm Pacific / 8:00-10pm Eastern

NEW TELECOURSE: Your Heart is the Divine Heart: Exploring the Tantric Teachings on Self-Recognition.

“Stay where you are without worrying
For the goal is assured!
And who but the Self could teach this?
And to whom?”
—9th Century Shaivite Sage

The course is based on the incomparable text, the Heart of the Doctrine of Recognition (in Sanskrit, Pratyabhijnahrydayam). This short work—it’s only 20 sutras—describes how Consciousness manifests universes within herself, condenses her vastness to become your human mind, then unfolds and expands back into complete embodied awareness of your own divinity.

Basically, it’s about our journey, yours and mine. I don’t mean our journey as psychological beings. Our journey as embodied divinity.

You can find more details and register here.

May 24-June 1, 2018

Mount Madonna Center
445 Summit Road
Watsonville, CA 95076

Awakened Heart Meditation Immersion: A 9-day Deep Practice Retreat

An in-depth exploration of meditation as a practice and a way of life, based on the most essential teachings of the Tantric and Yogic Meditation Traditions. Designed for teachers as well as practitioners who want to deepen and expand your practice. The retreat will include long practice sessions, deep journaling, small group for depth conversation on meditation, lectures on the philosophical basis of awakened heart meditation, chanting, and yoga.

More details and registration to come in December.

July 27-29

Weekend Workshop
1440 Multiversity in the Santa Cruz Mountains

August 24-26

Kripalu Center
Lennox, Massachusetts

August 30-Sept 3

Yoga International Conference
Honesdale, PA

September 9-14

Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA

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