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Telecourse FAQs

Sally offers live telecourses three to four times a year. You can check the Schedule Page for current offerings. Past telecourses available for purchase include mp3 audios of the classes (approximately 90-120 minutes in length), homework, and any other additional material that was provided during the course. The past telecourses do not include online community interaction that is available only during live events.

Sally’s live telecourses in meditation and transformative practice offer students around the world hands-on teaching and guidance, as well as the support of a vibrant online community. All participants call into a single conference line or access via the web at the designated time. Usually regular long distance charges will apply, but there are no additional fees for using the conference line. You can also participate via webcast (basically listening via your computer). However, if you are unable to attend the classes live because of time zone or other obligation, the classes are recorded and made available as downloadable mp3 files usually within 24-48 hours.

In addition to the once a week usually 90 to 120-minute calls, an email discussion list runs at the same time as the course. You can ask questions of Sally and share your experiences with the other participants in a virtual sangha.

Once you register for a telecourse, you will receive immediate access to the student area for the telecourse. It will be where all material distributed during the class and mp3 audios of classes will be available. 

Tips for a Successful Call

  1. Sign up for the course at least a day in advance of the call. This ensures you receive the call-in information in time to participate. Those who sign up in less than 24 hours of the call we cannot guarantee will get the necessary conference line information.
  2. Find a quiet spot from which to take the call. This is a good time to make sure that the kids, dogs, and other distractions are taken care of.
  3. Disable “call waiting”. You may need to check with your carrier for directions on doing this on a temporary basis.
  4. Please call at the exact time the session is scheduled to begin. You can verify the accuracy of your clocks at
  5. If your phone system plays music on hold do not use the hold function. If you need to disengage from the call, use your mute button or hang up and call back when you are free.

Teleconferencing Etiquette

If you are new to teleconferencing, you may be concerned that everyone will talk at once. In reality, that rarely occurs. In fact, we like traffic jams! Our work together will be more exciting and engaging if everyone speaks up.

So what do we do if two people do start talking at the same time? We ask that every speaker begin by saying his/her name. For example: “Sarah here. What I noticed this week… This makes it easy for us to direct traffic. (“I heard Sarah and John. Sarah, why don’t you go and then we’ll hear from John.”) It also helps us get to know one another’s voices.

If you must come late to a call, that’s fine. We do ask that you be silent and listen for a while after you join so that you don’t inadvertently interrupt an exercise or process. When you sense an appropriate break, you may introduce yourself.

Other Info

All participants upon purchasing/signing up and/or entering the private student telecourse area understand:

  • They are responsible for any long distance rates when calling into class.
  • The materials received during the course are copyrighted by law and they shall not be given away, sold, or shared with others without expressed permission from Sally Kempton or her designate.
  • They are giving consent to audio recording, and its release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for webcasts, promotional purposes,  advertising, inclusion on web sites, publication, sale, or any other purpose by Sally Kempton and/or her representatives. Teleclass participants release Sally Kempton and each and all persons involved from and liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication of sound recordings. As a teleclass participant any and all rights are waived to any claims for payments or royalties in connection with any exhibition, streaming, webcasting, or other publication or sale of these materials. Participants also waive the right to inspect or approve any audio recordings.
  • Their last name will never be shared on calls (unless the individual shares it) to protect participants anonymity and confidentiality.
  • They will receive recordings of the classes, and must honor confidentiality and copyrights of all material. Please do not share class recordings with anyone and know that you may have access to the recordings, but they are the property of Sally Kempton and you are not allowed to sale, distribute, or use them for promotional or advertising reasons without Sally Kempton’s expressed permission.


  1. Line echoes are usually the result of a poor long distance connection. Try calling back or mute yourself using *6, then un-mute by hitting *7.
  2. Be ready to enter your pin code promptly, or you will hear “we are sorry but we are unable to connect you to the conference.” (Call back and enter it promptly if that happens).
  3. Need directions on connecting via Skype? Please click here.