Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Love, Spirit, and You: A Radical Approach to Your Relationship with Spirit


Investigate what it means to unfold and maintain an ongoing relationship with Spirit as the Beloved. Drawing on the insights and practices of the devotional traditions, as well as key developmental maps, explore how our relational styles show up in our encounters with Spirit, and how we can break through habitual patterns.

Look into the conflicts and shadow issues that show up in this most intimate of relationships, practice dialoguing with. Play with deity practice as a portal into Spirit, and discover what it actually means to see the divine in another. This is a class that can literally change your understanding of your relationship with yourself and with Spirit itself.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The art of devotional meditation
  • How cultural patterns and psychological issues affect our relationship with Spirit—and how to get beyond them
  • Dialoguing with spirit
  • Myths and realities about devotional love
  • What is spiritual love at different levels of consciousness?

The course includes three 90-minute lectures in mp3 format, guided meditation, and weekly guidance for personal practice.