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Shakti Meditations: Guided Practices to Invoke the Goddesses of Yoga (CDs)

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4 CDs of meditations (available in downloadable version here)

Everything new that comes into our lives—every change that unfolds—emerges out of Shakti, the universal force of creation and transformation.

Shakti Meditations provides an immediate way to experience the many gifts of this divine feminine power. Taught by expert meditation teacher Sally Kempton, these guided inner practices use India’s goddesses of yoga as gateways for discovering and inviting the many dimensions of Shakti.

Like rivers flowing through us, each deity carries its own unique energies to help empower and guide us in our spiritual, relationship, career, and creative paths. As we meditate upon them, their virtues and energies begin to arise in such forms as:

  • Durga, for strength, protection, and action
  • Lakshmi, for abundance and self-compassion
  • Kali, to ignite our courage and clear inner obstacles
  • Saraswati, to spark creative inspiration and clarify communication
  • Maha Devi, to draw us closer into spacious and liberated consciousness

This 4 Audio CD set is for yoga lovers, healers, meditators, and anyone who needs to call on the power of the feminine. Shakti Meditations gives listeners a powerful method to explore this limitless source of light and energy within us.

CD 1

  1. Introduction 0:33
  2. The powers of goddesses 9:51
  3. The feminine face of spirit 4:38
  4. Experiencing the goddess as our breath 3:38
  5. Goddesses as expressions of Shakti 8:06
  6. Experiencing the goddess energies 7:25
  7. The practice of deity meditation 8:02
  8. Benefits of deity meditation 8:05
  9. How to work with this program 5:36
  10. Invoking the Goddess Practice 11:56

CD 2

  1. Introduction 0:31
  2. Durga: Goddess of Protection and Inner Strength 14:23
  3. Durga Meditation 12:58
  4. Lakshmi: Goddess of Abundance, Good Fortune, and Love 9:18
  5. Lakshmi Meditation 11:45
  6. Kali: Goddess of Transformation, Destruction, and Transcendent Energy 5:43
  7. Kali Meditation 8:14

CD 3

  1. Introduction 0:31
  2. Parvati and the Sacred Marriage 10:28
  3. Parvati Meditation 5:04
  4. Dhumavati: The Crone Goddess of Disappointment and Letting Go 6:49
  5. Dhumavati Meditation 7:37
  6. Saraswati: Goddess of Learning, Music, and Insight 7:17
  7. Saraswati Meditation 6:37
  8. Chinnamasta: The Headless One 10:41
  9. Chinnamasta Meditation 8:30

CD 4

  1. Introduction 0:31
  2. Lalita Tripura Sundari: Goddess of Erotic Spirituality 6:42
  3. Lalita Meditation 10:31
  4. Bhuvaneshwari: Goddess of Infinite Space 5:08
  5. Bhuvaneshwari Meditation 14:51
  6. Becoming intimate with the goddess Shaktis 9:03
  7. Meditation on the Sacred Feminine 5:57

Available in downloadable version here.