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Doorways to the Infinite

Beginning Meditation CDs

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Beginning Meditation

Sounds True has the CDs available as downloads here.

A short course in meditation, offering Sally’s seasoned clarity and insight for setting up and renewing your practice, as well as her unique meditation transmission. The 2-CD set includes a lively and inspiring talk on meditation practice, as well as several meditation sequences, each of which takes you deeper. The CD is a perfect gift for both beginning and seasoned meditators.

Session One:

1. Introduction (0:50)

2. The paradox of meditation practice (11:22)

3. The meditation bandwidth (7:25)

4. Place, posture, and intention (5:13)

5. Meditation and the breath (9:26)

6. Finding a core practice (6:46)

7. Meditation on a sound (13:18)

8. Working with your thoughts (9:38)

9. Whatever arises is part of your practice (9:39)

Session Two:

1. Introduction (0:42)

2. About the practices (4:14)

3. Meditation on the space between the breaths (15:57)

4. Compassion meditation (21:56)

5. Meditation on the inner teacher (15:21)

6. Meditation on the inner body and “I am” (15:47)


Sounds True has the CDs available as downloads here.