Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Your Heart is the Divine Heart: Exploring the Tantric Teachings on Self-Recognition


Stay where you are without worrying
For the goal is assured!
And who but the Self could teach this?<
And to whom?
—9th Century Shaivite Sage

Those are the words of a Shaivite sage from the 9th century. They point to a radically hopeful vision of human possibility. Yes, he is saying, our lives are tough and uncertain. But despite how things look, you ARE divine. You are God undergoing the human experience. Even when things seem to be going horribly wrong, you and everyone else are on the freedom train. You’re destined to know the truth of who you are and to recognize that same divinity in the others in your world.

The sooner you accept this and try to actualize it, the sooner you’ll realize the miraculous beauty of your embodiment!

Sally’s telecourse is based on the incomparable text, the Heart of the Doctrine of Recognition (in Sanskrit, Pratyabhijnahrydayam). This short work—it’s only 20 sutras—describes how Consciousness manifests universes within herself, condensing her vastness to become your human psyche and body, then unfolds and expands back into a complete embodied awareness of your own divinity.

Basically, it’s about our journey, yours and mine. I don’t mean our journey as psychological beings. Our journey as embodied divinity.

The text intends for us to recognize our own awareness as Shiva’s Awareness, and our own heart as the abode of cosmic creativity—Shakti.

The sutras hold the empowerment of a lineage of enlightened beings, and they can awaken you. Each one of these sutras carries an entire world of truth, that expands inside you as you hold these words up to your experience. In other words, studying the sutras on Recognition creates an alchemical shift—especially when you combine your study with meditation and practical exercises.

So, the classes include meditation, sutra contemplation, lectures, personal exercises, partner discussion, and much more—always using the text to open us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We all know that we’re living through a time of radical upheaval and change. The energy of this time can push us into despair, but it can also open up the highest possibilities of this incarnation. To harness the power that wants to unfold in us, we need to cultivate our understanding of what is real, of who we are and are not, and of who we can be if we are willing to see through the veils. The sutras on Recognition were written to help you do that.

The course from January 2018 includes seven 2-hour lectures in mp3 format, six Q&A sessions in mp3 format, guided meditation, and weekly guidance for personal practice.