Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Sally Kempton

Open or Vulnerable?

To find your way to true openness of heart, you need to pass through the forest of vulnerability. How do you explore your own vulnerability while still holding appropriate boundaries?

Go Your Own Way

As you take yourself through the process in this article, you’ll find out a lot about yourself – about who you are, and what you value. Above all, you’ll start to see what it means for you to live deeply, authentically.

Play Your Part

For a yogi, responsibility is actually response-ability – the skill of responding spontaneously and naturally, from a core of inner stillness, in such a way as to take a situation to a higher level.

Heart Healers

what we have here are some nitty-gritty hard questions, questions that focus on a few core dilemmas of romantic love, along with answers that call on the wisdom of yoga to help you get to love’s unconditional essence.