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Doorways to the Infinite

Sally Kempton

Think Pieces

The Tantras invite us instead to turn our gaze around and investigate the energetic material inside a thought. To do this, we need to take our attention away from the content of the thought, to stop following where it leads, and instead look into the energy that the thought is made of, the actual substance of the thought itself.

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Joy Story

In Sanskrit, there are basically four different words for happiness-sukha, santosha, mudita, and ananda. Each of these points to a different level of happiness. Together, they can actually constitute a path that leads us to the kind of happiness that really can’t be shaken.

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Judgment Calls

How can we discern when something is wrong without being judgmental, without disliking the perpetrators, without filling our own mind with negativity? On the inner level, how can we change our own difficult personality traits, our fears and tensions and resistances, without judging them or judging ourselves for having them? Is it even possible to eliminate the ‘bad’ kind of judgment, without losing the good kind?

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Bless from the Heart

The wish-fulfilling tree is a mythical flowering shrub, said to grow in one of the many Hindu and Buddhist heavens. When you sit underneath it, the story goes, all your wishes come true. That’s the mythic version. There’s another, more sophisticated way to read the tale, though: as a metaphor. In that version, the wish-fulfilling

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Change for Good

There’s nothing more radical than the moment you realize that it is actually possible to change your life. I am not talking about the changes you can make on the outside–moving from Iowa to California or leaving your job to work for Doctors Without Borders. I’m talking about reconfiguring your mental and emotional attitudes—the kind

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