Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Sally Kempton

Sweet Solitude

Click here to download Italian version in PDF format. Time spent alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Embrace it as a chance to connect with what’s truly essential. When I was in seventh grade, the group of girls I hung out with stopped speaking to me. Every time they passed me in the hall, they […]

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Me and My Shadow

Shine a light on your unconscious mind, and you’ll see the root cause of the negative thoughts and behaviors you haven’t been able to control—until now. Liane is sure that Brian is the love of her life, but when they move in together, she begins to notice a disturbing pattern in herself. When he is

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How to be Fierce

Being a yogi doesn’t always mean being nice. Unleash your inner strength with the goddess Kali. “You need to find your Kali side,” I told Annie. You may know someone like Annie; in fact, maybe you have an Annie in your yoga class. She’s a production manager at a local tv station, a single mom

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Goddess Power

Invoking goddess shakti isn’t only a girl thing—it’s a way for everyone to tap into the deepest source of empowerment, creativity, and happiness. Ellen is a medical student, and thinks of herself as a rational person who doesn’t go in for mystical experiences. But one day, as she closed her eyes and relaxed in Savasana,

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Real Joy, Right Now

The Dynamics of Contentment A friend of mine once acted in a Broadway musical that starred a the legendary figure of the British stage. The script was a disaster, the director a tyrant, the cast a freakish assemblage of mis-matched personalities. Everyone in the production seemed permanently on edge. Everyone, that is, except the Englishman.

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Just Let Go

Sometimes the simplest advice can be the hardest to take. Here’s how to practice detachment without giving up on life. I’ll never forget the first time I seriously considered the relationship between detachment and freedom. I was in my 20s, staying with a friend in Vermont, trying to recover some equilibrium in the midst of

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Hearing Inner Guidance

How to Find the Wisdom That’s Always There Jill met her ex-husband met at a business lunch in 1998. They connected like old friends, and spent the rest of the afternoon in intimate conversation. But afterwards, as Jill walked back to her office, a thought surfaced: “If you’re not careful, you’re going to end up

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