Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Cultivating Shakti: A Sadhana for Our Time


This telecourse ran Thursdays, October 7-November 4, 2021

Shakti—the cosmic power at the heart of life—is also the secret source of your personal power. This is why the sages of the Shiva-Shakti traditions put so much emphasis on cultivating sacred energy. Whether your goal is well-being, success in love or work, or ultimate liberation, you need the grace of your own Shakti, which is also the power behind life itself.

This telecourse will give you a series of powerful methods for creating and deepening your relationship to your personal shakti as well as to the universal life force.

One of the great gifts of tantric practice is its insights into Shakti cultivation. Meditation, breathwork, mantra practice, asana practice, sacred movement, and devotional awareness are all part of the sadhana. Yet many people do these practices without experiencing the transformation they promise. The real secret of transforming consciousness is your connection to the sacred life force within your body and breath. This is one of the deepest truths I have learned over my years of practice, and this is what we’ll cultivate as we work with some classical practices of the Shiva-Shakta traditions.

The course began on October 7th, which is the first day of Navaratri, the 9-Day Goddess festival. Navaratri is a time of great power. It is the perfect time for deepening your connection to the Goddess as your own body and breath.  The class is suffused with both practice and self-contemplation and also includes a dive into the philosophical underpinnings of Shakti cultivation. We’ll learn methods for creating our own unshakable connection to spiritual energy, learn some powerful practices for engaging with the primordial life-force energy, and of course, invoke the grace of the divine feminine.  Above all, we’ll practice a number of sadhanas that you can do on and off the mat, and that will in time transform not only your practice but your relationship to the universe itself.

The telecourse includes five two-hour teleconference sessions available as mp3 audio files, written homework, audio meditations, and two Q&A sessions available as mp3 audio files.