Sally Kempton

Doorways to the Infinite

Your Mind is Your World: Transformative Wisdom from the Yoga Vasistha


This telecourse was conducted Thursdays, January 19, 26, & February 2, 2023

The telecourse includes three 2-hour Zoom sessions with downloadable mp3 audio files of the sessions, written homework (in pdf format), and an email discussion list.

In a mind clear as water, even the waves, breaking, are reflecting its light.
—Dogen Zenji

The state of your mind is the state of your world. When you take this truth seriously, you open the doorway to true transformation. That’s just one reason why every non-dual tradition, Eastern and Western, emphasizes techniques for creating an expanded mind. In this practical workshop, we’ll start with a radical premise from the Yoga Vasistha and the Shiva Sutras: that your mind is a fractal of the cosmic mind.  The absolute creativity of the cosmic mind is constantly operating through you. When you begin to recognize the ultimate creativity of your own mind, then you can use its powers to transform your own suffering, manifest enlightened states, and simply have a more creative and satisfying experience in your life.

Our main source, the Yoga Vasistha, is a medieval Vedantic text that is also utterly modern. It is literally mind-blowing in its radical non-dualism. Beloved by Ramana Maharshi and other modern non-dualists, its gift is to reveal—not through logic, but through stories, metaphors, and direct transmission—what it means to say that you and this world are made of mind-stuff or consciousness.  As we immerse ourselves in this extraordinary teaching, we begin to realize why we need to do the practices required to discover the mind’s true nature, which is also your own true nature. And we are inspired to follow through on our highest intentions.

Along with examining key teachings from this extraordinary text, we’ll work with meditation, inquiry, imaginative exercises, practices for manifestation, and more. Many of you have experienced and worked with contemporary manifestation’ and self-healing practices from the so-called New Thought teachings. These teachings are, in a sense, the practical application of texts like the Yoga Vasistha. But the original insights of these inspired, sage-driven wisdom teachings go far beyond the ordinary. They can open up the entire kingdom of truth for you.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How worlds are created through the mind
  • Why parallel universes are a no-brainer
  • Non-dual witness practice as a technique and a natural state
  • The deepest truths about karma and how we can change it
  • How to explode thoughts into mind-blown awareness